Bath Basket 2022


A hand-woven artisan basket from Basket Case containing:

2 Brokstone Soaps: Lavender & Oatmeal, Goat's Milk & Honey

1 Brookstone Cranberry Lotion

2 Brookstone Bath Bombs: Butt Naked and Black Raspberry Vanilla

1 Saunders Farm All Natural Lotion Bar

1 Saunders Farm Headache Relief 

1 Simply Chic Room Spray: Cashmere Plum

1 Simply Chic 8 oz Candle: Sea Salt & Orchid

! Yardscaple Simple Ceramic and Flower Stake  (12" H)

The unique hand-woven basket is adorned with antique flat nails from the historic La Belle Factory, located in Wheeling until is was demolished in 2017, and once the largest flat nail factory in the world.