Beeswax Lotion Bar


The warmth of your hands turns this solid bar into a soothing moisturizer that is great for dry and cracked skin. Beeswax conditions the skin and has multiple beneficial properties. It is gentle enough for all body parts and skin types. Each 1.2-oz bar is packaged in a metal tin and has the natural scent of beeswax. Sugar Bottom Farm uses four simple all-natural ingredients in a small batch process - beeswax, shea butter, olive oil & honey.

About Beeswax  

Beeswax is secreted from a special gland on the worker bee abdomen. The bees then use the wax to build familiar hexagon-shaped honey comb cells. These efficient cells are designed to hold the most amount of honey while requiring the least amount of wax. Once filled with honey, the cells are capped with beeswax.

As beekeepers, we strive to preserve the beeswax honeycomb by uncapping the cells and spinning out the honey, so that the bees can reuse the comb. The wax caps are collected, melted and formed into large blocks at the time of honey harvest to make a variety of beeswax products.