JQ Dickinson Salts


Salt-making runs in their blood. Siblings Nancy Bruns and Lewis Payne are seventh-generation salt-makers who came together to revive their 200-year-old family trade in Malden, West Virginia.  They produce a rare, small-batch finishing salt, harvested from the ancient Lapetus Ocean trapped underneath the mountains of Appalachia.  The result is a pure, delicious salt sure to transform any dish.

Their salt making is a unique and innovative process, completed by hand without the use of big machinery and chemicals.  The natural properties of the salt are enhanced by using the power of the earth and hand-made tools to produce an extraordinarily pure product.

Heirloom (plain) - for everyday cooking

Smoked - to add a touch of sweet smokiness to roasted meats and vegetables

Bourbon Barrel Smoked - a partnership with Smooth Ambler distillery.  The oak barrels add a strong smokiness to the salt.

Ghost Pepper - just the right level of spiciness to add a kick to eggs, potatoes, or a salad.

Ramp - made with locally harvested wild Appalachian onions.  Add to hamburgers, sliced vegetables, eggs or fish.

Mushroom Herb - a partnership with Hernshaw Farms which is turning mine land to farm land with their mushroom blocks.  A blend of several mushrooms, rosemary, thyme and black pepper.  A natural for meats before cooking.  Great on tofu and roasted vegetables.

Bloody Mary - made with apple wood smoked salt, local dried chili peppers, roasted garlic and celery seed.  Rim the glass or mix into the drink to heighten the flavors.  Season roasted vegetables or dip cherry tomatoes in it as an hors d'oeuvre. Versatile & delicious.