A delighful collection of handmade ornaments from various artisans made from blown glass, natural reed, gourds, quilted material, woven paper, painted acrylic, wood, ceramic, fabricated metal, and yarn.

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Appalachian Glass

Mini Christmas Ornament


Appalachian Glass

Glass Heart


Basket Case

Woven Ornament


Appalachian Glass

Lighted Memory Ball


Meadowbrooke Gourds

Meadowbrooke Ornaments


Appalachian Glass

Friendship Ball Ornament (S)


Quilted Ornaments

Quilted Christmas Ornaments


Basket Case

Bird's Nest


MUD Ceramics

WV Pottery Ornament


Basket Case

Paper Stars


Quilted Ornaments

Quilted Angels

From $12.00

Cross Bros Creations

Wood WV Ornaments


Basket Case

Paper Snowflakes


Bluewrench Fab

Heart Ornament


Art By Janet Lynn



Loving WV

Bear Hug Ornament


Best In Glass Studio, LLC

Cross Ornament


From a Tree and Me

Snowflake Ornament

From $4.00

Plank You

WV Ornaments


Quilted Ornaments

Quilted Pinwheel


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