Bohemian Walking Sticks - CLOSE OUT SPECIAL


 One of a kind, handmade walking sticks sourced from local trees and roots of the Upper Ohio Valley by Andy Huston. Each tree part is dried for 6 to 9 months before being stress-tested.  If Andy can break it across his chest, it becomes firewood.  When the stick is completed, Andy takes a walk with each stick before approving it for sale.  Each walking stick has a scorpion burned into the shaft to identify it as an authentic Bohemian Walking Stick. Bohemian sticks carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Simply show the scorpion symbol and get a new walking stick of your choice.

Stop in to select the perfect stick for you or as a unique & thoughtful gift! Don't miss the opportunity to own an original Bohemian Walking Stick. Our supply is limited.