Raku Plant Head Vessels


     Expressive faces hand-sculpted onto Raku pottery vessels that can be used as a petite vase. These fun little characters come with an air plant that merely needs misted once weekly.  Pottery pieces vary in heights ranging 5" - 7" and approximately 4" diameter.  The air plants range in size from 2" - 4". The plants you receive may vary slightly from pictured item. Made in Wellsburg, WV.

     Raku is an intensive Japanese glazing technique from the 16th century which has developed to its current state due to modern technology.  The process begins as standard ceramics.  The piece is then glaze-fired in a small kiln to temps exceeding 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once the piece is shiny and fluid, the piece can then be removed.  Using tongs and protective equipment, the piece is placed into a metal container (usually a trash can), where the artist uses organic material such as leaves, sawdust, or newspaper.  This begins to burn immediately, reacting with the glaze, giving it its unique colorations. There are flat glazes as well as white and other colors which aren't as metallic in appearances.