Wildflower Bee Pollen - 6 oz


From Windswept Farm: 

     As when trying any new supplement, always consult a medical professional before taking.

     We always, always, recommend that you start slow when taking bee pollen for the first time. and by slow, we mean only a couple of granules of pollen at a time. 

     The pollen that the bees gather is an incredibly concentrated version of the pollen that float through the air after a fresh bloom.  Instead of dispersing through the air, the bee takes the pollen from the flower and compacts it to create a small granule, similar to the size of a sesame seed.   

     If a bit of pollen in the air causes you to sneeze, then imagine what a spoonful of compacted dust might do.  This doesn't mean that if you have allergies, you can never take fresh pollen; this only means that you will have to get your body's immune system slowly introduced to the bee pollen before you take a giant scoop.

     If it is your first time taking fresh bee pollen, we suggest that you take 2-3 granules a day for a week, slowly increase the granules of bee pollen by 4-5 per day.  The goal should be to work your way up to taking anywhere from one teaspoon to one tablespoon of pollen per day. 

     The maximum quantity of fresh pollen that can be taken in one day depends on your body.  Everyone is different, and some people find that they can take 2-3 tablespoons of pollen a day while others max out at one teaspoon per day.  The key here is to listen to your body.

     One thing to note:  if at any time the quantity of bee pollen you are taking seems to irritate you your immune system, cut down the quantity you are taking (do not stop altogether).  Stay at the lower dosage for a few days, or until you are comfortable to increase again.  When you stop taking bee pollen all-together, you will lose progress you made strengthening your immune system, and you may have to start again with working your way to a full spoonful. 

     Store unused pollen in the refrigerator.