Beeswax Bar-1 oz


There are multitudes of uses for pure, natural Beeswax Bars from Sugar Bottom Farm around your home. Here are a few:

• Lubricate Wood: Rub of this natural lubricant on squeaky drawers, doors and windows.
• Prevent Rust: Coat your tools with beeswax to protect them from rusting Rub the beeswax bar on the metal parts, then buff off any excess with a dry cloth.
• Rub on Baking Pans: Keep your baking pans and sheets looking good as new. Use a clean cloth to rub beeswax onto the surface and cook with the pans as normal. Over time, your pan will develop a permanent layer of wax, meaning you don’t have to oil or grease it every time.
• Unstick Zippers: Got a zipper that's stuck or hard to use? Rub a small piece of beeswax along the teeth of the zipper.
• Tame Flyaways: If you have trouble with frizzy hair, just rub a little beeswax between your fingertips and smooth over strands for a sleek style that won’t turn greasy
• Coat Nails & Screws: Coat nails and screws with beeswax to keep wood from splintering when you hammer them in.
• Granite Countertop Polish: Keep your granite countertops shiny with beeswax. Rub warmed beeswax in, allow it to dry, and then wipe down to remove any excess. The polish will also help prevent staining.