Wheeling Trilogy


A value-priced collection of three books that tells the story of Wheeling's history, art and famous Suspension Bridge.

"Once There Was a Mouse" was written by local author, Cheryl Ryan Harshman, and illustrated by local artist, Robert Villamagnal.  This children's book was created in celebration of Wheeling's 250th anniversary, but is enjoyed by readers of all ages. Follow Mouse through the city on a scavenger hunt of some of Wheeling's public art.

"Wheeling During the Civil War" was a project of the Wheeling Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee and funded by Wheeling Heritage.  This project compiled articles that offer a month-by-month account of events in Wheeling during the war years. The writers used issues of The Daily Intelligencer from 1860-65 as the primary source.

"The Wheeling Suspension Bridge" is a pictorial history by Dr. Emory L. Kemp and Wheeling historian, Beverly B. Fluty